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Vodacom bursaries
Many South African companies “give back” by offering bright and hardworking youngsters bursaries to study after school. We take a look at the bursaries Vodacom offers.

Each year, the Vodacom Foundation Bursary Scheme offers financial assistance to 50 disadvantaged students to study full-time at South African universities in the engineering and information & communication technology (ICT) sectors. Successful applicants can also take part in Vodacom’s Vacation Work Programme and the Vodacom Foundation Graduate Programme.

Vodacom bursaries are offered in the following fields of study:
• Information Technology
• Information Systems
• Computer Science
• Electrical or Electronic Engineering (light current only)
• Computer Engineering

• Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of South Africa.
• Current matriculants need to obtain university exemption and must obtain a minimum C symbol for mathematics and physical science (higher grade) to be considered.
• Current students should be registered for a course at university in one of the above-mentioned disciplines and should demonstrate a good academic discipline.
• Applicants should have an interest in telecommunications.

Application procedure
The Vodacom application process is administered by Career Wise. For more information visit the website at, phone 011 653 5000 or email

Take your application seriously: don’t just fill it in the night before and hope for the best. Follow the instructions and don’t leave out any information that is requested. If you’re lucky enough to get through to the next round, ask your mom or dad to do a practice interview with you so that you don’t stumble over questions like “Why do you want this bursary?” or “Why do you want to go into ICT?”. Read up on the latest developments in ICT so you can impress your interviewers.

Accepting a bursary sometimes means working for the company once you’ve completed your studies. If you have grand plans of mooching around the world on a gap year once you’ve got your degree, bear in mind that the company may expect you to pay back some of the money they spent educating you. Fair’s fair!



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